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    Default AirlineCommander route

    How can i do a full route in AirlineCommander instead of just having to make a landing or takeoff?

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    I had one, and I'm not sure what I did. It was a job for another airline and it would have taken me over an hour to complete. A skip button appeared at the top of my screen and I hit it. Skipped me ahead to the landing part.

    The flight was supposed to net me 14k or something crazy but because I skipped I didn't get any money for my flight path (even though I had flown to the first 2 waypoints which was over 25nm of flying). So I only got a couple thousand for it.

    Most "full flights" that I have done will take off hit a waypoint, and then automatically skip. Maybe only the other airline full flights give you the option of flying if you choose. I like the idea of a full route, but I'm not going to sit holding my phone for an hour to complete a mission. Even with autopilot that isn't worth it.

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    It seems that full flights are available after lever 20.

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