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Thread: Very useful Simmers' paintshop psd files uploaded.

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    Default Very useful Simmers' paintshop psd files uploaded.


    I have just uploaded all the psd files and some fonts once available at the defunct simmers' paintshop site.
    They will be up at this site in a day or two, I hope...

    Here is some of the text from the description:

    Here are the psd files (they include national markings, codes & letters, squadron emblems and insignias,etc) and they will prove very useful for repainters.Thanks to Manuele Villa for giving them to me. They once were available at the now defunct simmmer's paintshop site. Some fonts are also included. They go to your fonts folder.


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    How can I download them? I am new to this forum.

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    Files on this site are in our File Library. Look at the blue menu bar at the top of the page. "File Library" is one of the choices. From there you have a variety of ways of searching and browsing for files.

    For more information, click on "Help" in the blue menu bar and read the introduction for new flightsimmers.

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