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Thread: HJG new comprehensive DC-10 panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcarty View Post
    Personally, I think a higher priority for HJG (once I've taken a good break after finishing the DC-10s) would be to create FSX-compatible panels for their aircraft that don't yet have them!
    That would be good, too. I mention P3D because I think you've done the really hard lifting getting those panels to work in FSX - traditionally a lot of panels for FSX worked in P3D so I think the delta is very, very low.

    And aren't I right in thinking that 3D aircraft models built for FS9 will run in FSX but not in P3D?
    IIRC the DC-8 models worked fine in 2.5.



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    FYI ....

    We have today updated our DC-10-10, DC-10-10CF, DC-10-15, and DC-10-40 (NWO/NWA version only) Aircraft Base Packs with new "V3.1" files .... to correct some "very minor" Model related display issues which became evident post release.

    PLEASE NOTE: None of these very minor issues affected the performance or functionality of any of these new DC-10 simulations.

    We have also today released an updated "V2.1" DC-10 Panels Gauges/Core Files package for our new DC-10 Panels .... this update simply enables the T/O V-Speed Call-Outs to work "in FSX" also.

    For further information/clarification regarding these updates please refer to the following HJG forum announcemrnt of today ....

    Mark C

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    A night lighting effects patch is now available for download in order to add the missing exterior tail logo illumination, fuselage landing light reflections, and wing light night lighting effects files to each DC-10 simulation.

    This patch is accessible per the following "ANNOUCEMENTS & NEWS" forum posting ....

    Mark C
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    Does the main download page now have everything updated? I'll just download everything off there if it is. Thanks for the DC-10 work, looks great!
    Mark Daniels

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    Not at this stage Mark .... this exterior "lighting effects" patch is only available from the link provided and as is repeated below ....

    Having said this though we have, since the August 17th release, released the following updates which "ARE" now on ourdoenloads pages ....


    DC-10-10 V3.1
    DC-10-10CF/F V3.1
    DC-10-15 V3.1
    DC-10-40 V3.1

    The latest DC-10-10, -10CF, and -15 base packs each feature "new" 3D models .... which correct the texture bleeding that was evident over wing surfaces when veiewd from certain angles high above each model. The DC-10-40 (NWO/NWA cversion only) also features a "new" 3D model .... with visibly rotating engine fans when viewed from "interior" (not external) panel view. Both FS2004 and FSX users should update their original versions of these files if thay have not already done so.



    This particular update is for "FSX users only". It enables the panel T/O V-Speed Call-Outs to work "in FSX". Previously this particular feature of our new V2.0 DC-10 panels worked in FS2004 only .... but .... did not work in FSX. FS2004 users "DO NOT" need to replace their DC-10 Panel Gauges/Core Files .... unless they wish to.

    Each of the above were released on September 12th. Information concerning these update was announced (here) and on the HJG forum as follows ....

    Also for "FSX users only" of our new DC-10 panels .... a PANEL.CFG "VIEWS" related edit is recommended .... the data for which is available per the "KNOWN ISSUES" section within PP1 of our forum based DC-10 manual and which may be accessed as follows ....
    This edit stops the unintended instustion of the main panel into both the Forward Left and Forward Right views when selected. This edit "DOES NOT" apply to FS2004 users of these panels. This particicular update .... along with that for exterior "lighting effects" patch also .... will result in replacement files being uploaded to the respective HJG downloads pages and abnnounced accordingly later, but, those whom do no wish to wait can at least access these particular edits immediately .... it may be a while before we can actually get replacement file versions (encompassing these edits) uploaded.

    PLEASE NOTE: The absence of these edits "DOES NOT" impact flight performance, panel systems functionality, or audio fidelity in any way shape or form in either fS2004 and FSX.

    Further improvements (yet to be announced) for our DC-10 project will be released in the near future.

    Please post any "support related queries" on the HJG forum .where these are best and most promptly dealt with .... for the benefit of everyone

    Mark C
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