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Thread: HJG new comprehensive DC-10 panel

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    Personally, I think a higher priority for HJG (once I've taken a good break after finishing the DC-10s) would be to create FSX-compatible panels for their aircraft that don't yet have them!
    That would be good, too. I mention P3D because I think you've done the really hard lifting getting those panels to work in FSX - traditionally a lot of panels for FSX worked in P3D so I think the delta is very, very low.

    And aren't I right in thinking that 3D aircraft models built for FS9 will run in FSX but not in P3D?
    IIRC the DC-8 models worked fine in 2.5.



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    FYI ....

    We have today updated our DC-10-10, DC-10-10CF, DC-10-15, and DC-10-40 (NWO/NWA version only) Aircraft Base Packs with new "V3.1" files .... to correct some "very minor" Model related display issues which became evident post release.

    PLEASE NOTE: None of these very minor issues affected the performance or functionality of any of these new DC-10 simulations.

    We have also today released an updated "V2.1" DC-10 Panels Gauges/Core Files package for our new DC-10 Panels .... this update simply enables the T/O V-Speed Call-Outs to work "in FSX" also.

    For further information/clarification regarding these updates please refer to the following HJG forum announcemrnt of today ....

    Mark C

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