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Thread: FSX on Win 10 after APRIL 2018 update

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    The .0 and .1 display entries could mean that both video cards are enabled in the BIOS settings. The on-board graphics should be disabled in the BIOS.
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    That's what we have advised the OP to do but he's not comfortable with doing that - which I can understand. So, the next best thing is to remove the references from FSX.CFG.

    Strange, though, that a desktop has 2 graphics adapters. My motherboard in my main desktp is an ASUS, but no Intel adapters there. On the ASUS laptop where I'm writing this right now I do have 2 adapters. Just for fun, maybe I should install FSX here and see what the FSX.CFG then will look like.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgen.s.andersen View Post
    Just for fun, maybe I should install FSX here and see what the FSX.CFG then will look like.

    It will have a .0 and.1 display entry. And you don't even need 2 cards. A single card with 2 active video outs will also have 2 display entries.

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    Every time I comment out the Intel graphics options in fsx.cfg, they are put back in again after I restart fsx.

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    HD Graphics == Videochip part of the processor.
    Not separate part, but part of processor chip. Not greatest performance. Plenty Good for office work. Not so much for games.

    NVidea == separate video chip. But, normally actively cooled by it's own fan.
    In this computer not actively cooled. It's a flat screen on a stand only. Probably just the Nvidia chip, soldered to the mainboard, and covered with a metal block to absorb rapid temperature changes.

    5-4200U CPU
    Notice the U in the 4200U
    Laptop processor.
    Optimised for lower power consumption (long battery life). Not so much for "Power".
    Not great for gaming. And very likely also not actively cooled by a fan in that pc.

    About i5 processors. (and i3 and i7) THey run at a certain speed normally.
    In this case 1.6 Ghz
    If needed it can accelerate. (turbo frequency that's called) To maximum 2.6 Ghz
    Just after starting FSX it will run at that speed. (2.6) But, If the temperature starts going up too rapidly, the processor will slow down. (To not overheat.) Back to 1.6Ghz.
    If it gets really hot in the computer, it slows even more. to 0.8 Ghz. (half of 1.6)

    Desktops have all parts mounted in a large case. Mine has three large fans blowing air through it.
    Yours is not really a desktop. It's more like a laptop on a stand. (or maybe tablet would be a better word.)
    And it has the typical laptop parts (U processor, and M 'card' or actually chip really. (GT 740M))

    Anywoozels, that aside. Was just as info.

    Some questions.

    How many monitors are you using. One or two.

    And tell us which monitor is connected how, and which card each monitor is using.

    Oh, and another thing, what is the issue here??
    Maybe I just missed it.
    I saw you mentioned some update. (And that it's most likely unrelated, as others have the update and their FSX runs fine.)
    You also listed lots of parts.
    But what is actually amiss? Does FSX not start? Error messages on screen pop up?
    What do you see happening.

    Lots of questions, I know, but try to answer them all. It's difficult to just guess an aswer.
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    I'm using 2 monitors as I said previously. The second one is connected by HDMI cable to the main box.

    The issue is that FSX just does not operate on the NVIDIA card, it only seems to recognise the Integrated graphics.

    If I use the NVIDIA control panel to set FSX to run NVIDIA graphics, FSX will not load at all.

    FSX still runs on HD but it's hobbled by the HD Graphics.

    Before the April 2018 update FSX recognised and ran on the NVIDIA graphics.

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    From your fsx.cfg it seems one monitor is using HDgraphics, and the other is using the Nvidia. (both are listed in the fsx.cfg in post 16)

    I don't fully understand what you mean by: "If I use the NVIDIA control panel to set FSX to run NVIDIA graphics"
    Do you mean the physX setting?
    That may be a dumb question. I don't remember that setting in the Nvidia panel in laptops. My current desktop does not have it. Menu?
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    64bit Windows or 32bit?

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    and OS in English or different langauge? Which one? + Is this the original OS?? or was it originall something else? Win8 perhaps?

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    This is the nvidia control panel screen to set the processor for individual programs.

    Click image for larger version. 

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