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Thread: Disabled Scenery Area in Library, Now FS9 Won't Start

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    That's not where the active scenery.cfg file is. Where it does hang out actually also depends on what OS you have.

    And the proper way to remove an airportis to first open fs. Then to go to settings--scenery library and delete the entry for the addon. To save. And then close fs.

    Only then is it safe to open the addon scenery folder and remove the files from there without causing issues.
    (and don't remove the wrong airport, one that is still in the library. If you do that you're in trouble again.) (if that happens, just close fs, and put the removed airport folder back. Your pc has a recycle bin for a reason. Don't empty it every day. Or make a folds that you put removed airports in, instead of in the recycle bin.

    strange though, as even then, fs should still start.

    Your fs not starting is most likely due to something else. For example a corrupt default flight.

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    OS is Win7 Ultimate SP1

    Quoting myself here from two posts:
    "I simply removed the DTW airport from the Addon Scenery file after deleting it from the Scenery Library when I was able to get FS9 to open up that far."
    "Once FS9 opened enough to get to Scenery Library, I unchecked the new DTW."

    Probably did not make that clear. There were two DTW in the Scenery Library at one time.
    DTWv2 and DTW Future. In both cases and in different sessions (trying to make only one change at a time) I eliminated both in different ways.

    Since I could not get FS9 to open to the point where I could get to the Scenery Library, I opened the scenery.cfg file (whcih is now apparently the wrong one.) and placed the switches // for DTW Future.

    After that FS9 opened to the point where I could get the Scenery Library.

    Then I could go to DTWv2, uncheck it in the Scenery Library, close and shut down FS.
    Then went to .cfg and deleted the AREA for DTWv2. DTW Future was not present in the Scenery Library due to the switches being placed.

    That left an AF2_KDTW in Addon Scenery\scenery. That was deleted with the expectation that
    I would be back to just the Stock DTW.

    Given the WIN7 OS, where do I look for the REAL scenery.cfg file?

    Have tried three times to open FS9. I can get to Create A Flight page but any action
    on that page, including trying to go to the default flight gets the Stopped Working mesage.

    No answer from Scenery Config Editor support on the error message I get with that.

    Thanks for the persistence of all . . .
    "For every problem, no matter how complex, there is
    always a solution that is simple, well reasoned, elegant
    and wrong . . ."
    H. L. Mencken

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    Close fs9
    Open the fs9.cfg file. (make a backup of it first.).
    Find the line
    situation="whatever it says in the line"

    change the line to:

    start fs9
    you will get the normal default flight.

    There's a good chance that fixes the problem. And that it all had nothing to do with the scenery.cfg elf at all. Even if it doesn't, don't change the file back.

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    Scenery.cfg in fs2004 after all. Sorry 'bout that.

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    Confusion factor has been raised.
    Just so I understand the troubleshooting thought process:
    At what point did we stop talking about the scenery.cfg file and switch to the FS9.cfg file? What clue shifted thinking away from scenery.cfg?

    QUOTE: "There's a good chance that fixes the problem. And that it all had nothing to do with the scenery.cfg elf at all. Even if it doesn't, don't change the file back"

    Change the scenery file back or the FS9.cfg file back?

    The default flight was changed months ago to KBYS with a helicopter.
    But when working on an airport fix I will go to Create A Flight and change the location to the airport I'm working on, leaving the helicopter as the aircraft choice.

    Always learning . . .
    "For every problem, no matter how complex, there is
    always a solution that is simple, well reasoned, elegant
    and wrong . . ."
    H. L. Mencken

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    Cautiously optimistic . . . . I can fly ! It's a 172. but it's flying.

    THANK YOU ! yea, I know it's yelling . . . sorry. Now I'm testing scenery, flattens and
    excludes in a couple of places and so far (touch wood) looking OK.
    "For every problem, no matter how complex, there is
    always a solution that is simple, well reasoned, elegant
    and wrong . . ."
    H. L. Mencken

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    Would system restore to a date earlier before you altered anything help ?

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    Ah,yes. I switched a bit fast there perhaps.
    A corrupt startup flight can stop fs from starting.

    An error in the scenery.cfg will only profuce: "error, scenery area xxx is missing"
    (which is not really a big problem if all that's missing is an addon scenery.)
    It won't stop fs from starting.

    to get out of the corrupt startup flight error, you

    close fs first
    then go to the fs9.cfg and change:
    situation="startup flight name"
    and save.
    then start fs9 again
    you get the default startup flight (c182) and all is well again.
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    Couple of things you might be interested in. For one, always, ALWAYS have one airport installed at a time. The default is an exception.

    You could use Fileseek and wrap quotes around a word you are searching for and search the entire FS2004 directory for "KDTW"

    What that will do is find the presence of those letters in any and all files. This can clue you in to any and all scenery that may be active.

    Another tool you can use is everything.exe to search for files. It's a hell of a lot better than Windows default search. I just turn off indexing from the hard drive properties and use Everything.exe.

    If you have files with no backup, that is a huge no, no. Go ahead and buy an external USB hard drive that's large enough and either use AOMEI Backupper and do a clone of the entire OS, or simply copy and paste the FS2004 folder to the external hard drive.

    I have two HDDs in my computer: an SSD and a platter. The platter is 1TB and is spill over for music, downloads and other crap. It also holds a FSX backup. In addition to that I backup the entire FSX folder to an external HDD and I clone the entire computer to another external HDD. So I have three backups. The external HDDs are stored in a fireproof safe rated for electronics stuck in ziplock bags since if there was a fire moisture will be persistent inside the safe.

    Just some food for thought. Always plan backups. If you don't even have a UPS and the power goes out, your data might become corrupted if the machine was on. I've seen this time and time again with computer help posts on all kinds of computer forums.
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    il888p - I'm going to have to cut and paste this advice to a HELP doc in my FS9 file. So I can remember it next time. Thanks for your work.

    Gasman - I suspect going back to a system restore point might work. But if the issue was
    with a corrupt default flight, the same problem may emerge again. . . possibly

    CRJ_simpilot : ditto on the backups. That was part of the puzzle. I went back and reloaded a
    DTW scenery that I know worked from a full file back up and still the "Stopped Working" Message. Found an AF2_KDTW from 2011 as well and same result. Never occurred to me that the
    Default flight could get corrupted, much less how that would happen.

    Still testing things out. Now to reinstall an ADE generated airport to test.

    So - next question: I have seen posts that say in the SCENERY LIBRARY your AddOn Scenery
    file should occupy spot Number 1 on top of the list POSITIVELY ! This way any airports in that file load last and override other scenery you may have loaded. I figure this assumes that nothing in the Addon Scenery file deals with the same airport that might from a third party scenery source.

    Then other posts that say the AddOn Scenery file should be moved down to at least BELOW
    any add on sceneries like from MegaScenery. Theory being that the airports in something like MEgaScenery are better than something you may have added to Add-on Scenery file.

    Personal preference ? Looking for trouble? Needless complication? Or do both approaches have merit?

    Cheers all -
    "For every problem, no matter how complex, there is
    always a solution that is simple, well reasoned, elegant
    and wrong . . ."
    H. L. Mencken

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