I'm celebrating 44 years since the SR-71 world speed record flight from Beale AFB USA to Farborough England Air show on Sept 1 1974 by reproducing the flight on Sat Sept 1, 2018 on the Vatsim Network. Time TBD but will be morning PDT. Total flight duration is roughly 5.5 hours.

I invite other SR-71 enthusiasts to join me in a casual flight.

Vatsim membership with experience following Vatsim procedures and rules.
Experience filing/following an IFR flight plan.
Experience Communicating with Vatsim ATC.
Experience tuning Vatsim radios and private channel.
Experience maintaining appropriate aircraft separation in a multiplayer or AI environment.
When climbing/accelerating under ATC control, we will all request "unrestricted climb" from the controller.

SRX2012 SR-71a updated to srx2012Updt4N3a and tested to known working.
Able to complete BECKY training flight with a Checkride score of >= 90.
Able to complete air refueling.
Able to follow a detailed SR-71 flight checklist.

Due to high altitude and speed, a high fidelity real world weather add-on such as Active Sky X or Active Sky 2016 is recommended. Otherwise, use the static weather which comes with the Beale saved flight in the "Extra" folder of the SRX 4N3A distribution. Attempting to use the FSX real world weather is likely to produce unacceptable fight control.

Flight Plan:
FP details available in the distribution "Extra" folder file: "flight_plan_procedures.txt" and "record1 procedure(edited notepad).txt"
A map image of what the plan looks like is file: "SRrec1MAP.gif"

1) Enjoy the company of other Blackbird lovers.
2) Satisfaction of completing a challenging real world historical fight in a simulated airliner/ATC world.
3) Casual non-military radio conversation. Have fun is more important than 100% realism.

I personally have completed this flight dozens of times in this aircraft so know without a doubt with attention to detail and procedures the flight can be completed as documented using this model.

When closer to the time of the flight, I will detail the private Vatsim channel we'll be using and the exact pre-flight meeting and take off times using this thread.

Some pilots will find it helpful to load the model's flight checklist in a separate Web Browser application where the checlist item boxes can actually be toggled off/on.

Hope you are able to join me for some good ol' fashioned aviation chat and watching the world whisk by at Mach 3.2+ while being challenged by the same efforts the real world pilots had during this historical flight.

Those not able to take off as a group are still welcome to join the flight for the conversation taking off whenever you can during the 5 1/2 hour flight. An added challenge contest to time the NY-London Gate-to-Gate portion of the flight to compare who gets the best time at 1X CPU.

I can be contacted at the email address in the model distribution to chat about anything concerning planning this flight.

See you at KBAB on or near Sept 1. Fly high. Fly Fast.