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Thread: Push-Back vehicles crash some of my Aircraft ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfaxcrx View Post
    It applies to air vehicles as well. On the off chance that you decide to turn into a 737 on final, it'll ghost right through you with detection off.
    Ah yes you are right, but again, due to poor traffic separation in FSX you can be on final with everything nicely set up,and out of nowhere a 737 will fly straight through you while overtaking (AI smooth helps a great deal). If it brought my plane down in flames through no fault of my own, there would be more than ia few choice words. I only really want crash detection so that i know that i have made a really bad landing, or making the decision to try and put her down in really bad weather.
    Sometimes, i will have to turn crash detection off at add on airports as you crash into invisible objects, and you can't get out of your departure airport. I turn it back on once airborne.

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    Yeah, the phantom crashing on the ground gets obnoxious. There's an airport in Africa somewhere that has an invisible canyon at the runway's midpoint. You're cruising along on your braking run and all of a sudden you fall through the world. Gets especially annoying when you have something like Airhauler on and it detects the crash and now you have to buy a new plane.

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    Most crashes like that can be easily fixed.
    "Invisible crash boxes"-are not a 'feature'.
    It means there should be an object showing. And that object should have been installed by you when you installed the object libraries for that airport. Read the readme.txt file that was in the download. It will say what libraries you need, and where to find them.

    And at airports, just look out where you are going.
    Where I flew online crash detection had to be on. No choice. And crashing into someone (or a building), was punished, with a swift 'kick' from the server. That it would mean having to set up everything again (location, fuel, etc) and starting over. Not nice after an 8 hour flight.

    Crashing into someone was punished by a ban if it happened often.

    It's simple. Look where you are going. Before pushback, get to outside view, and check in all directions. Same as tower would do before clearing for pushback.

    Oh, and online when taxing maximum allowed speed was 22 knots.
    Slow you may think, but slow and steady wins the race.

    Don't go anywhere your mind hasn't already been 5 minutes before.
    Look left and right before crossing.
    Use right seat view as well.
    Slow and steady. 22knots max.
    Read the readme files and install those object libraries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    Most crashes like that can be easily fixed.
    "Invisible crash boxes"-are not a 'feature'.
    It means there should be an object showing.
    Not necessarily. Library objects can be scaled down by the scenery designer, but the scaling process only changes the visual appearance i.e. the visible textures. The original (and invisible) wireframe model remains the same size. Even a lighting pole which has been reduced in scale will still retain it's original wireframe model size. This is common across freeware AND payware sceneries, so the best practice is to select 'Ignore crashes and damage' in the Aircraft\Realism settings when using any add-on scenery.
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