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Thread: GTN750 and the Canado F50

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    Default GTN750 and the Canado F50

    Hello all!
    Does anyone have the GTN750 working with the Carenado F50? I got it installed, however, i'm having an issue getting the AP to slave to a flight plan I have created on the GTN 750. My AP Command and AP engage are active, I have NAV selected, but it still wont follow the FP on the GTN.. Any thoughts?

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    I don’t have either of these products, but a general function on GPS units is to choose whether the AP will follow the NAV instruments or the GPS flight plan with the CDI button.


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    It could be because Carenado has a weird way of using the GPS. I bet if you used the GTN 750 in another non-payware plane it would work.

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