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Thread: FSX/Accel vs Win 10, again

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    Quote Originally Posted by OleGreyGhost View Post
    Steve, by any chance are you running FSX in compatibility mode. Most people forget about this. If you are, MS will not accept the activation.
    I recently crashed FSX & re-installed it. Went thru the activation process w/o a hitch. Hope this helps..
    And why pay an extra $25 for something you already own. If something goes wrong they can't offer any support..
    Yup, thanks for checking, I tried running it without Compatability Mode, no luck, then under Win 8 and Win 7, also with no luck.

    Ironicly, I was going to break down and buy FSX Steam this morning and discovered I had purchased it a couple years ago at a discount, guess I'll have to download and install it off my phone hotspot and give that a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longbreak754 View Post
    I have never experienced this......and I have over a dozen items in my steam library (although FSX-SE is not one of them) - some I only play irregularly and despite this I have never had to re-enter any codes.
    It's usually Steam wanting to verify your email address or something. Then they give you a code that you must enter to be able to log back in then you can access off-line.

    Also seen when a game is updated, they want you to log in the first time.

    Then of course there are games like 'Race Room Racing Experience' that are internet only mandating being on-line.
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    Downloaded FSX Steam last night, all working with no trouble now, thread can be closed.

    Thanks for everyone's advice and help.

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