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    This is software from the dark ages (in that it's intended for FS98). Saw it posted for sale on a site but the seller provided very little info and didn't seem very savvy when I asked him pointed questions. Can't for the life of me find anything googled about it anywhere. Being that it's not that cheap ($45) I'd like to find out a little more about it before taking a chance. I know there's tons of better stuff out there but I've dedicated an older XP computer to older flight sim stuff and it intrigued me. Have any of you vintage aficionados heard of or seen any kind of a revue anywhere?

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    You can get it much cheaper here, with a full description:
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger1962 View Post
    You can get it much cheaper here, with a full description:
    thanks for that tip Tim. You'd think google would've picked up on that. Might just go for it. Sounds like a good antiquity for my XP.

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