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Thread: Cfs logitech extreme 3-d pro help please

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    Default Cfs logitech extreme 3-d pro help please

    So glad to see FLIGHTSIM.COM is still alive & kicking. I'm an old member who just reinstalled my CFS & FSX. My question is about Combat Flight Simulator difficulty with my Logitech Extreme 3-D Pro not working. I remember having this problem in the past But can't remember the fix. The game does not recognize the controller. It says that my controller has changed to some funky letters, I'm able to calibrate it but it still does not work. NOTE: It works fine in FSX. When I go to change planes, the plane that is chosen is spinning very fast instead of the usual slow spin. I remember this was a sign that the controller was not working in the past. Just can't remember the fix. I've removed it from my PC and reinstalled it. I am running windows 10. Please help if you know the secret. Thanks in advance. Brian Call Sign: Killer B

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    So I guess no one knows how I can fix this issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prostock View Post
    So I guess no one knows how I can fix this issue?
    Although I don't own CFS I seem to remember reading that it was a common issue with Win7/Win 8 and related to the fact that CFS was designed to run on Win95/Vista. The problem seem to be related to specific entries in the COMBATFS.cfg file placed there by the install process when CFS was first run after install on a Win 7/8 based PC.

    IIRC the most common way of resolving the issue was to delete the Win 7/8 based COMBATFS.cfg and replace it with a Vista based one as well as ensuring that you run the game in compatibility mode.

    A quick google search using the phrase combat flight simulator config file correction threw up a load of pages on the subject including at the very top of the search this PAGE - scroll down 7 or so entries and you will find info on the .cfdg file entries.....


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    Thanks for your suggestion. I read through, tried as suggested but no good. Game is too old anyway. I'll keep looking around, may stubble upon something one day. Thanks again. Brian

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