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Thread: Want to buy FSX Gold Edition

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    Default Want to buy FSX Gold Edition

    I recently purchased a new PC and when I tried installing my FSX Gold Edition, it would not install. I don't think you can buy the program from retailers anymore so I was hoping there may be a used set for sale by a member

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    Before you go spend buku bucks for software that's almost impossible to find, you should find out why your current discs won't install. There has to be some reason and if you would post more info about your computer, any error messages, maybe someone could help you.

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    "Would not install" is very vague. If it's a activation problem, get on the phone and talk to somebody at Microsoft if you have to.
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    I bought the standard edition on eBay for £10.99 earlier this year, if you can't find the gold edition grab a bargain while you can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimCanty View Post
    I recently purchased a new PC and when I tried installing my FSX Gold Edition, it would not install. I don't think you can buy the program from retailers anymore so I was hoping there may be a used set for sale by a member
    Jim, I tend to agree with Darrell, I would do some research on your FSX Gold set. These disks just don't go bad on their own without an apparent cause, such as damage etc. Could it be the product key isn't allowing you to activate the install? As a last resort, you can still find FSX Gold Boxed edition sets on Ebay. Make sure you are buying sets that include all 3 disks, Very Good to excellent condition and make sure 2 products keys are given (1 for the Disk 1 & 2 and one for the acceleration disk) with the purchase. Also, GBJim (a member on this forum) just made the move from FSX boxed to Steam and he couldn't be happier. Said his downloads are faster, performance is better, graphics better, he is just beside himself with the improvement he sees in the new Steam edition. You might want to private message him to get his comments on the install.

    Either way you go, I wish you well. I would start with what might be wrong with your set. Microsoft can issue you a new substitute product keys, but I am sure they will want some sort of proof of purchase before they hand those out.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum! You've been a member since 2010 and this is your first post?

    Keep us posted of what you find out! Rick
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    Hi Jim.
    Your best bet is on eBay. I have one in a box that I never opened, I bought 2 when they first came out. but I will likely never sell it. As far as I am concerned MSFSX will be my Go To sim for next few years, 10s of years?, since nothing else that I looked presently is better, and in some cases some new sims are worse, in my opinion.
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    Well,to each his own and I believe that, but in my case...I am an old man, don't want to tinker anymore, or seek out answers as that is like work..So, I just spent BooCoo Bucks at Amazon for the brand new FSX Gold, but got their prime credit card and saved $70 or so....My FSX Gold is old and not dependable anymore when loading and comes up with errors and again..I decided go new ..brand new while I still can as I really like FSX still and the reason is simple for me....I really like P3D but that program (V4) which just came out won't load since I deleted the previous version and I have difficulty loading other add ons into that program...In fact, PMDG, is the only product I have ever been able to load without a problem into P3D...BUT EVERYTHING loads into FSX without a problem for that is my story....I am at the stage where I want to fly planes not tinker with whatever and FSX , I have heard many others on here say is the Sim for me!!

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