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Thread: Eric Cantu EMB120 & PAD Beech 99 Info

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    Default Eric Cantu EMB120 & PAD Beech 99 Info

    I’m away from PC for a month but I was interested in checking these two out.
    The emb-120 looks pretty cool. And it has some freeware panels around as well. Any thoughts on the FDE? I’ve seen some fixes for it.

    Also the PAD B99. Older but I wanted to try it for fun. Not sure what panels are available for it.

    Any thoughts, recommendations on sound / panel combos etc?

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    Have you done a search of the file library here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drobson View Post
    Have you done a search of the file library here?
    Yes they’re both here but like I said I’m away from my Pc for a month. I was curious as to others thoughts on them and any mods they’re made.

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