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Thread: Cessna 172SP GNS 430 V1.02

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    >>I'm sorry but I can't get this model to load up; had the same problem with the earlier version. Half way through the progress bar's trip east a flag comes up saying something to the effect; CAN'T LOAD SOUND BANK. BANK and bang we're back to the desktop. Would love to get this sorted out.
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Baitul.
    Can we take this to the XP Forum? I will start a post Cessna 172SP GNS 430 V1.02. What version XP and how and where do you have it installed? I've had no problem with either I use XP1120.
    Master is a file that should be located in your ..X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172SP GNS 430 V1.02\fmod
    Do you have any Scripts, Addons installed that may interfere?

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    Well, Thanks to Flytv1 for setting me straight on where to post problems.

    The problem is is solved. The names of the sound files in folder fmod are not complely correct; they refer actually to the 'stock' Cessna.

    For example : The first sound file which reads 'Cessna_172SP' should read 'Cessna_172SP GNS 430 v1.02'

    I made the corrections to all three files and the model loads perfectly. And I must say I like the improvements over the 'stock' plane. Many Thanks to the Author.

    Which leaves you a second question: How the heck did anyone get this model to load without these corrections in the first place!

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    Hi Baitul.
    You did not post your XP 11 version, but I do not think that would / should change anything. When the acft gets loaded, at least in the older versions up to 11.20? the loader looks for a specified file in multiple locations, if it does not find it in the immediate / expected location it works it's way through the Path to the root of where XP is installed, and it loads it from there.
    What I find interesting is that you were able to load, and have it working properly, with a file, 'Cessna_172SP GNS 430 v1.02.snd' that does not exist? That said, don't fix it if it aint broke. Maybe someone else has an explanation?

    Yes, I do agree that this flight mode is much more representative of the real life, it has some flaws like the max RPM 2962 / Speed 152 in S&L flight at max power but if you keep the power at 2700 it is performing close to expected. It also has a very low Idle, in my case around 150RPM but it may have something to do with the way the devdloper's controller is set up, some use the low range of the throttle axis for Reverse thrust, I do not, I use another axis for that and use the full range of the axis.

    It's too bad that LR, and it's entourage of employees do not exhibit sufficient professionalism, and respect for aviation, and real life pilots that want to use it for keeping current to some extent, and make a better flight model. They've had better models in XP10, but now most of the old acft have been crippled by the desire to make things look weird, reflections that stop you from seeing the proper scenery, smudges.., instead of concentrating on the flight dynamics portion. They talk a big game, but show very little in reality, their new models are no better, and in some case much worse, than MSFSX. Too bad, 10 years later we should not have to even compare the two, in my opinion.
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