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Thread: TDS 737 MAX Contact Points

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    OK, I have it and so far, it looks OK in my Sim (FSX).

    Attachment 204259

    Here are the contact points for the nose gear and I'll indicate the one that needs changing:

    max_number_of_points = 21
    point.0 = 1, -13.39, 0.00, -8.39, 1600, 0, 1.11, 75, 0.35, 2.89, 0.85, 6.0, 6.0, 0, 206.8, 281.6 //Nose

    Try a number like -9.00 and see what difference it makes. Remember, you will have to refresh your flight after each change.
    Hi Mr. Zippy. Is the contact point always the indicated one for the nosewheel height regardless of aircraft? your recommendation works great for fs9, Cheers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mowgli22 View Post
    Hi Mr. Zippy. Is the contact point always the indicated one for the nosewheel height regardless of aircraft? your recommendation works great for fs9, Cheers
    Yep, the one I have highlighted in red is for the height of the nose wheel, or any wheel for that matter. Point.0 is nose wheel.

    this is the standard legend:


    //0 Class <0=none, 1=wheel, 2=scrape, 3=float>
    //1 Longitudinal Position (feet)
    //2 Lateral Position (feet)
    //3 Vertical Position (feet)
    //4 Impact Damage Threshold (Feet Per Minute)
    //5 Brake Map (0=None, 1=Left, 2=Right)
    //6 Wheel Radius (feet)
    //7 Steer Angle (degrees)
    //8 Static Compression (feet) (0 if rigid)
    //9 Max/Static Compression Ratio
    //10 Damping Ratio (0=Undamped, 1=Critically Damped)
    //11 Extension Time (seconds)
    //12 Retraction Time (seconds)
    //13 Sound Type
    //14 Airspeed limit for retraction (KIAS)
    //15 Airspeed that gear gets damage at (KIAS)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Downwind66 View Post
    Well, i guess he hasn't done this before, but, time to learn, right? He's not very good at letting you know if your tips worked, positive feedback that is. I see he was quick to let you know that your suggestion was a little too much, sounded like the nose tire is off the ground now! Oh well, I am glad I had teachers like you to help me along the way, and there's still so much yet to learn! Even at my age, it's important to "pay attention!" Thanks Charlie!

    Sorry for the confusion, the tyre is still touching the ground, but the nose itself is too high. I will post a screenshot in the morning.

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    Ryan - That would be great, a screenshot will help! Also, look at your contact points section to see what your TDS 737 shows for the following. I am only suggesting this in case Mr Z needs it. He can then determine if that is the issue, or might help in determining what is! I am going to back away from this as I think he will be better at giving you the answer you are looking for!

    static_pitch=-0.7 //degrees, pitch when at rest on the ground (+=Up, -=Dn)
    static_cg_height=9.67 //feet, altitude of CG when at rest on the ground
    gear_system_type=1 //Hydraulic

    The above was taken from my default 737-800. It might be interesting to see what your aircraft is showing!

    Good luck Ryan, hope you can get this resolved! Rick

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    Sorry for the delay, here is a screenshot:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    EDIT: Sorry, double post.

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    Problem solved, I was using the XML files for the -800.

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    Any flightdeck pics?

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