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Thread: Installing FSX deluxe edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    As noted, some updates may not affect others like they do for you, etc. So give the user a choice in the matter and allow one to just install the criticals.
    Firstly, you'd only know if it affects you after you've installed it. Secondly, you can already opt to ONLY have security and critical updates and reject drivers (which cause most of the problems). Finally, without any actual evidence, other than what you've read online, how do you know that all the complaints are correct? Just because it's on the Internet doesn't necessarily mean that it's true (many Wikipedia entries have proven this). Some people have agendas and Microsoft is an easy target.

    There are now well over half a billion installations of Windows 10 worldwide so even a hundred thousand people complaining of having issues would represent less than 0.02% - almost too small to be significant. I'm the unofficial IT man for all of my friends and family (and it's a big family) and most use Windows 10. It's a very small sample size in the overall scheme of things but none of them have had any problems which can be directly attributed to Windows updates. We know that you don't like Windows 10 but as you have no actual hands-on experience of using it, you're relying totally on what you read about it. If you follow many of the "Windows 10 trashed my system" threads through to their final conclusions, there are a surprising number of solutions that have nothing to do with Windows 10 updates. Don't bash it until you've tried it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lesh View Post
    Don't bash it until you've tried it.
    You sound like a pot head trying too get me to smoke the weed.

    Truth be told, my Bro has a Win 10 computer and it has acted up. I don't care what you say. I have seen for the last freaking time many, many posts on people getting hosed with Windows updates.

    I too am the "official" tech head and sole IT pro with my family and I have stopped their computers from automatically installing that spying update madness crap. The very fact it comes with a keylogger should raise eyebrows. No, it's not about whether you can turn it off or not. And do you really think that sucker is off? I bet I can throw 10 in VMware and monitor the network traffic and see all kinds of garbage. Since Europe in their infinite wisdom invoked GDPR, I'm willing to bet they go after 10 next. Already went after Google, but I think that's more or less a cheap money grab, despite Google's crap. Don't be evil HA!
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    Hopefully, the OP has gotten the info he needs, which means this thread is done!

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