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Thread: Screenshot of the month contest

  1. Default Screenshot of the month contest

    Some of the shots running this month:

    Grim reapers take off by massima

    Alps, low level sun by StuartC

    Swedish Patrol by Anarcho-pilot

    On the way to HMS Iron Duke by Timi

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    My favourites of this month:

    'Dusky Dolomites' by Stuart Cassie

    'Cessna 172p high over Italy' by Gilberto Agostinho

    'High Altitude Spy' by Raptor

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    My favourites this month:

    Back from work honey! by GinGin.

    Oh Canada by Stuart C.

    Welcome to Switzerland by myself.

  4. Default

    Short Final EGHH by agough

    Aerobatics over the Grand Canyon by Timi

    Thirsty Tigers by hardba11

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    My favourites for December:

    Connie by legoboyvdlp

    FIAT G91-R1B on the Italian-France Alps by abbasign

    Wideroe Q400 climbing out of Bodo by D-ECHO

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