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Thread: Screenshot of the month contest

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    Default Screenshot of the month contest

    Some of the shots running this month:

    Grim reapers take off by massima

    Alps, low level sun by StuartC

    Swedish Patrol by Anarcho-pilot

    On the way to HMS Iron Duke by Timi

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    My favourites of this month:

    'Dusky Dolomites' by Stuart Cassie

    'Cessna 172p high over Italy' by Gilberto Agostinho

    'High Altitude Spy' by Raptor

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    My favourites this month:

    Back from work honey! by GinGin.

    Oh Canada by Stuart C.

    Welcome to Switzerland by myself.

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    Short Final EGHH by agough

    Aerobatics over the Grand Canyon by Timi

    Thirsty Tigers by hardba11

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    My favourites for December:

    Connie by legoboyvdlp

    FIAT G91-R1B on the Italian-France Alps by abbasign

    Wideroe Q400 climbing out of Bodo by D-ECHO

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