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    vEnergy Air , often known as Energy Air, is a British low cost carrier based at Edinburgh Airport and London Standsted, England. vEnergy Air is a growing airline and also a new airline to the UK networks of Vatsim. Its main base and headquarters is at Edinburgh Airport, with further bases at Manchester, Glasgow, London Luton, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle. The CEO of the Airline Michael Poole has gained the airline the right to hold UK CAA Type A Operating Licence to carry passengers, cargo on aircraft with 20 or more seats.

    vEnergy Air also offers a Cargo Only Service through its vEnergy Cargo brand.

    We are an exciting new airline to bring low cost holidays to the UK using Bio and Renewable fuel, we have great handling agent at EGPH and EGSS as we have taken on a 2 year deal with Menzies Aviation as the CEO us to be a employee of theirs he secured the best deal to the airline.

    we also offer flight as far as the Middle East and also to the USA twice Daily as well from EGPH.

    Yours Sincerely

    Michael Poole

    vEnergy Air CEO

    FSvas CEO

    vEnergy Air Website

    FSvas Main Site ​​​​​​​

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    We here at vEnergy Air are a Tier 3 VA usually requires some sort of entrance hiring program being either a technical (written or oral) or practical (flight) or a combination. They usually have strict minimums to remain active with the VA. Like the Tier 2 they have a route structure and equipment seniority program in place, but focus on only one type of operation. Scheduling is a little more realistic in air planes and crews don't magically appear and you must deadhead (crews or air planes) before the next revenue flight. They also have a training department and require periodic participation.

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