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Thread: Rookie Mistakes

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    In a recent post I was reminded of some of the mistakes I used to make early in flight simming before I really had any clue about how to fly or knew really anything about aviation. I thought it would be fun to see what other people had experienced in their "rookie" days of FS.

    For me, I had a lot. In those days I didn't have a yoke or joystick, so I flew with the keypad on the keyboard. I can remember using 8 to trim down, and 2 to trim up, while approaching JFK in an Embraer E120, at about 300 knots. And then, using the reverse thrust a mile or so from the runway to slow down.

    I think many of us used to line our jets up on the runway, and then hit F4, full power all the way!

    I didn't know about the map view, or that the runway number corresponds to the compass heading, so I used to go back and forth on the taxiways like a crazy person searching for the correct runway, it would usually take a while, and then I'd get frustrated and just take off. Then I'd get to hear that "you were not clear to takeoff" over and over again.

    I knew nothing about navigation, I'd do flights from BOS to JFK, and head south looking for Block Island, then above the Bermuda of the north I'd turn right, and follow the south coast of Long Island until I could see those runways come into view.

    I'm sure there are some others, but that's all I can think of right now, plus I'm late for work now :P Take a couple minutes and share your stories. We all started somewhere, and have learned a lot since. The learning makes FS more fun.

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    I did not know that while the white blobby line on the green thing sticking out into the purple thing was Meigs Field, the white blobby line on the green thing above the purple thing was a road. I landed on roads a lot.

    I did not know that carb heat sometimes needs to be applied even when it's warm outside. This made me crash into a lot of purple, green, and white blobby things.

    I did not know that "off" on the two gauges on the right did not mean that something was turned off. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the on switch was. It didn't help that there was no manual because I borrowed the sim from my local library on 5 1/4" disks and someone had lost the instructions.

    On that, I did not know that there was a limit on how many times in a row you were allowed to check out the same 5 1/4" disks from the library until the librarian fussed at me.

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    Ha! Remember the “cube” clouds?!

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    WOW!! WHAT A WONDERFUL STEP BACK IN TIME!! Sims have obviously come a long way!!!

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    When I first started with FS5.1, there was no map, so I invented my own method of navigating. I would say start me at a certain city, the sim would auto set the nav radios to the closest VORs. Then I would fly to a known city and see where the two VORs crossed, and write down the approx. distance and heading. Doing that, I was able the navigate around the eastern US.

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    To this day, it's still pretty hairy to make a perfect landing on Catilina Island...

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    It's even harder to spell. C-a-t-a-l-i-n-a?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentry_FiveZero View Post
    Ha! Remember the “cube” clouds?!

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    Yep! I also remember the "jaw dropping" wireframe exterior views in FS4:

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    But hey, at least the water was now blue, and look! It's got an FMS!

    I also remember the transition from FS4 to FS5, which was really rough because FS5 was the first MS sim with "good" graphics, and my old 486 SX-20 absolutely choked on it. I ended up going back to FS4 until I got a Pentium 100.

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    I started out with FS2004 back in circa 2007. Prior to that I messed with the Sim that was out in '95. I don't know what it was called. FS2004 was my real formal introduction to real flying in the Sim where I actually sat down and learned it all on my own. I can't think of anything that I was really dumb at doing other than not knowing how to use the GPS/NAV switch and not knowing how to properly use an ILS.

    When I went out flying from KFNL to Vegas in the Lear 45 which was my first long distance flight. I'd make some corrections all the time with the heading as I watched the CTS heading in the GPS. I'd set my GPS to that. Then I thought there's gotta be a better way as this doesn't make any sense. So I found a YouTube video on how to use the Nav/GPS switch.

    Then I started flying the default 737 in FS2004 but never knew anything about ILS. Sometimes I'd see the ILS indicators on my ADI and wondered what they were for, but never bothered to read up on it. Then one day I saw that runways have frequencies and so I entered a runway frequency and figured out I had lateral guidance which was absolutely thrilling to me. But never did I think that the indicator on the right that goes up and down was for glideslope. Then I figured that out and was amazed! I thought to myself no more complicated landings at airports with runways that I could barely see. Then along came learning about filing a flight plan with the default ATC and I thought that was cool to have ATC vector you to the runway.

    Now I manually use the ILS since just pushing the APP button is too easy. And I've flown so long in FS2004 and now FSX that I grow tired of the unrealistic ATC with no real aircraft separation, holding patterns, etc. I can fly in and out of any runway even in complete zero visibility. For runways without an ILS I use a WAAS gauge. One of the hardest runways would have to be at the Kathmandu airport on a Southern approach over terrain. That's where a good TAWS comes in at. I retrofitted the TAWS from RealityXP in my AlphaSim F22 back in FS2004. I loved that gauge. I could weave in and out of terrain with zero visibility and not worry about crashing.

    Probably the most complicated endeavor I took on was the PMDG 737 in FS2004. I just took off and learned the thing on my own. LOL Figured out the FMC pretty damn quick too. LOL But I have yet to understand how to use the CMD buttons to this day. It's something I have to read up on. I can use the AP and LNAV/VNAV and all that though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    I grow tired of the unrealistic ATC with no real aircraft separation, holding patterns, etc.
    You should see XPlane's ATC. I've been experimenting with that sim and its ATC makes FSX's look like something from the distant future.

    The CMD button makes the autopilot fully managed. i.e. you type in "167" for the heading and the plane turns to 167 degrees. This is distinct from CWS mode, which holds whatever command (pitch/roll) input you tell it to - i.e. you're banked at 10 degrees and you engage CWS, you will stay banked at 10 degrees even if you just fly in circles for an hour. If the 737 you're flying is accurate, any bank under 5 degrees will level the wings in CWS.

    CWS is basically like cruise control for the yoke, while CMD is commanded control.
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