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Thread: Gigabyte MB "Enhanced Memory" Setting

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    Hi all:
    I recently discovered the enhanced memory selection in my gigabyte BIOS. It was OFF on my system as delivered from my supplier. I searched the web on this but didn't find anything I could understand on this subject. I'm running a 4820K oc'd to 4.4, GIGABYTE X79-UP4 ATX MB, DDR3/2133MHz Quad Channel Memory, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN 6GB. I run only FSX. The system is almost 5 years old now. It runs fine but I'm looking for a way to diminish the infinitesimal pauses that I often see on changing views, or looking off at complex scenery in the distance.

    Any thoughts on whether the enhanced memory selection will do anything for me?


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    Since you are over clocking you may want to keep it at turbo.

    As to whether it will get rid of that pause I'm not sure. It may be due to FSX's settings. You don't have them all cranked to the right, do you? Also, set your FPS to 25-30 if it isn't already. There are a lot of FSX.cfg settings that one can do. Is that memfix (I think it's called) used in the FSX.cfg file? Also, are you using DX10 preview? That may cause issues.

    That Titan may be a bottle neck with that CPU.

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    For what Enhanced Memory Capability does, see this thread.
    A post by user "GiggaByte".

    It doesn't look like it is anything you can change settings of.

    If your overclock is stable, no need to change anything. I don't think Enhanced Memory Capability changes anything in that respect.

    Just as a FYI, if you just got this because of a BIOS update, know that it is always best to remove your overclock before updating the BIOS. (to prevent a write errors that could mess up the BIOS and make the mainboard unusable).
    Then set it up again after updating.

    Note, as always,
    Overclocking can severely Damage a pc.
    It can Kill the processor, and also other components in the PC, such as mainboard, Ram, Videocard and Harddisks.
    Overclocking also voids the Warrenty of the components. Processors are Never guaranteed to survive overclocking.
    So, it's allways on your Own Risk. Don't blame me if your pc gets damaged.

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