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Thread: Check her out!

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    Smile Check her out!

    She's a little heavy, not all that pretty, but boy, she loves to "Boot, Scoot 'n Boogey!"

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2018-7-10_16-55-35-429.jpg 
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    Be nice, guys, of what you say about her!


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    Fantastic big bird Rick!

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    Thanks Jan!

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    I remember when I was young my dad took my to an airshow at the now decommissioned El Toro and they had giant birds like that you could walk into. Was absolutely amazing how big they were. And it's even more amazing something like that can get off the ground. LOL

    Speaking of Big Bird... LOL NSFW
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    Yes, Aaron, and this one has a switch for the rear cargo door, which is like a huge hangar door. It is amazing at how much room these have for moving large equipment around. Talk about extensive weight and balance calculations!
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    Sweet looking C-17 Rick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMLW View Post
    Sweet looking C-17 Rick!
    Thanks Larry! And what a pleasure to fly! I had to abandon the panel that came with it, used a freeware panel, wide screen A380 panel to take it's place, and that works fine! The original panel had a flap indicator in Eicas and a separate flap indicator on the panel itself, and neither one was even close. They didn't even agree with one another! I had to replace the cargo door switch from the original panel and now, all is good! - Rick

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    Great heavy carrier, looks like!!
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    Thanks Gerard!


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    She may really look sexy, but if you really really need re-supply, she'd doubtless come through!!

    I'd stake my life on it!!

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