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    George did Good...George Grimshaw of FlyTampa did a fantastic job in the creation of this Boston Logan scenery.
    This scenery actually looks better than expected, nice details in every screen...

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    Check it out, comments would be appreciated...Darryl

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    Much realistic!
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    Yes, I got this as soon as it came out. Was a nice little addition to my massive scenery library.

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    Darryl - Very nice indeed! I have family living up there, so nice to see Boston Logan! What a nice backdrop for such a nice looking aircraft!

    Oh, just thought of something when I looked again. See how they patch the taxiways from all the snow damage? That's what most of the roads look like up there! Better have a good front end alignment person up there if you are driving your own personal vehicle!

    Thanks - Rick
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    I love these Airport pics!!

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    I may have to purchase that. I fly to Boston a lot going out east.

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    Great shots!! Sadly the last time I flew into Logan I noticed the terminals starting to show its' age! This scenery IMO makes it look younger, better, than it does RW.

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    Thanks for everyone's commentary!

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