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Thread: Blimp Hangers for FSX and/or P3D? Please! Please! Please!

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    Default Blimp Hangers for FSX and/or P3D? Please! Please! Please!

    I was just looking at the home page and saw there were WWII Blimp Hangers available for download for those who fly X-Plane.

    I'm Real World Vietnam era chopper guy who was stationed in three (3) different chopper squadrons based at MCAF Santa Ana. (Which was a WWII Blimp base including two, probably those same two, hangers.) I hugely suggest and ask anyone with the capability of making WWII Blimp Hangers, such as what was at MCAF Santa Ana, available for those of us who fly FSX and/or P3D!

    FYI: The land in Santa Ana is already vacant where the hangers sat in FSX, and possibly P3D scenery. In fact, just from the shot I saw from the P3D software, that appears to probably be MCAF Santa Ana. BUT THERE ARE NO HANGERS SHOWN THERE IN FSX!!

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    BELAY MY LAST!! Well folks I just was in So.Ca. again and found that some piece of software, probably ORBX, put the hangers back at MCAF Santa Ana. FSX calls it KNTK TUSTIN MCAS. They show a X at each end of the runway and it don't show much of that huge mat, but it is there.

    The last time I flew out of John Wayne, there was lot of empty mat space and no hangers

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    So I guess you never heard of Moffett Federal Field (KNUQ) at Sunnyvale, California? It has 2 hangers and there is scenery for a third (large enough to fly a B737 thru it) for FSX Accel.
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    I am the author of the scenery which features the blimp hangers in Santa Ana. They still exist and are owned by the county of Orange. I would be happy to send you the object files if there is some way to convert from xplane to FSX. I was a FSX guy until a couple of years ago when I guess I saw the handwriting on the wall. I had been using FS since the Sublogic days. 10s of thousands of files. Could not be happier with the move or the community. if you want me to send you the files, drop me a note at [email protected].
    Happy to help,

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    How to convert a X-Plane object to FSX.

    You may need something like EZ Scenery to place the object.

    They did mention that Model Convertor X can place the object, but to do that you'll need to slew on the ground to the right spot, press SHIFT + Z to get the coordinates and the proper heading. I've used EZ Scenery back in FS2004 and it was a hell of a lot easier. It's mostly slew your aircraft, pick and object, rotate, adjust elevation and place. Your done.

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