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Thread: PMDG 7777 vs Quality Wings 787

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    Hello everybody! I want to buy a new plane but i don’t know which one to choose between the PMDG 777 and the Quality Wings 787. Which one is the best for you?

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    I only use PMDG and the 777 is my favorite as you can fly it long, medium and I once flew it a distance of 69 miles and landed....the gauges are clear, and everything works...this is my opinion only. Good luck to you.

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    Oh right thank you so much for your fast reply

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    What is a quad 7?
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    From RLG, Fly heading 053, intercept 315 DVV, look for the orange glow of a SAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    What is a quad 7?
    Sorry I didn’t see it 😂😂

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