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    Hey folks,

    I am working on the designing the 5 southern casinos for my Laughlin Nevada Scenery, KIFP. I have Nova gold textures installed on my computer but not sure if I can use them in my freeware distribution. I have tried emailing but got no response. Does anyone know if I can use the textures as Freeware. I really didn't understand their licensing policy.

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    As long as your scenery is freeware you can use them. Just don't include them in your scenery package as it will bloat the zip file. I've found at least a half a dozen scenery s on this sight alone that require them and none of them state that they needed permission to use them. Just ask that the downloaders of your scenery acquire the exact Nova Gold package you are using. Hope this helps and Good Luck!


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    Cool, I think I will use them. If not in my current project, it will be the next for sure.

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