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    Have the wonderful Portland KPDX 2010 scenery by Sidney Schwartz and Peter Ham. Does anyone have a fix for runway 28L ILS ? The file is KPDX_ADE9_PH.bgl.


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    Hi. know exactly what you are talking about. I opened the airport in ADE and created new airport file with 28L closed. This way I can only be vectored to 28R ILS. Bit of a cheating but works for me. I guess the alternative would be to create another 28L ILS in ADE overriding the faulty one but I am happy with only one 28 operating. Also in my airport bgl I made RW 28 parallel with 21 and RW 10 parallel with 3, so this way I have a choice to land on either one. Also AI is more separated for landing.
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    If you don't mind me asking, but what's the problem with ILS 28L?
    I have this scenery, but haven't really done anything with it yet.

    I (quickly) looked at it in ADE, but didn't really see a problem...
    Or is it to do with the approach itself?


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    So I looked a bit closer and I see the problem. The 28L LOC is misaligned.
    RWY 28L heading - 299.06
    ILS 28L heading - 297.30

    That's an easy fix.
    Load up KPDX_ADE9_PH.bgl in ADE, and edit the 28L LOC to 299.06 heading.
    Then select compile and you're done.

    Be sure to make a backup first.


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    I do not think misalignment would do it. It is there for a reason to keep 28L and 28R aircraft further apart. (Just like JFK 22L and 22R).
    I also have a different KPDX add-on scenery, and also have problem with 28L. The aircraft is vectored in by ATC but the 28L ILS (direction and glide slope) does not work, so cannot land using approach hold, just manually. Personally I think the problem is with FS having the same frequencies for 28L/10R and for 28R/10L I know these are actual but sometimes FS does not like it. Have seen ILS acting up with some other airports where the frequencies were same on oposit runways.
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    Even the FS9 default approach of KPDX 28L is in error. And so it is in KPDX 2010...

    Load them in ADE9 and check it by "Approach mode"..

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    Here is a picture of the default 28L approach

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	KPDX.jpg 
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    If we're talking about keeping AI aircraft apart, ILS freq are of no importance, only the "human" aircraft uses that.
    AI only uses the approach code in the header as seen in ADE in approach mode (which is a FAF, a heading from that FAF to the runway centerline, a FAF altitude and a missed altitude).

    If a KPDX scenery does not contain it's own corrected approach code it will use the stock code, and will have that error.
    Portland KPDX 2010 may have imported the stock code.

    And the misalignment would bring aircraft closer together. See below from stock KPDX.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	KPDX-28L.PNG 
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    Also note that the segment from ADDUM to 28L (for GPS) is properly aligned, as is the approach course (true, not mag) for the AI (bottom right).

    Both I and the AI landed safely at KSEA here...

    If I have some time this weekend, I'll actually test a corrected ILS, to see if something funny happens, with my aircraft or with AI...


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    Why not ask Sid? He is alive and well in Portland Oregon and will respond.

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    Mr. Schwartz also has a KPDX 2007 version with less detail,,

    From that Readme:
    6. The misaligned ILS for runway 28L has been corrected.


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