Good Morning Gentlemen:

As you probably know Our Monthly Flights are now Five--(5)--We have Flown in India, USA, have taken planes on the Caribbean route to Brazil and made the South Atlantic jump to Accra in Africa. Now the flight to Egypt is going on.
Many pilots have either crashed somewhere or gone AWOL.
As notified a few weeks ago in our official page...."All pilots must reach Accra (flight 4) by August 31, 2018---If your airplane and crew does not land there and is not checked by the control tower by the given date---You will be scrapped form the pilots roster and taken either as MIA or AWOL...if this happens you will not be able to continue being one of our pilots...

We wish you great flights until you arrive at Accra....Notice that you Must have done All the previous flights.

We salute you
RCS WW2 ATC Command Post

Important---Please if you have not received any needed flight, let the Command Post know Asap.