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Thread: F-5A elevator flutter problem, with or without force feedback

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    Default F-5A elevator flutter problem, with or without force feedback

    I downloaded Tim Conrad's wonderful F-5A for FS2004, however once it takes off, the elevator starts moving up and down rapidly like a hummingbird's wings, it becomes uncontrollable. I tried with no force feedback, but it didn't help. Anybody has any ideas?

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    After many trial and error changes to aircraft.cfg and F-5A.air that ended up wasting time, I took the .cfg and .air from dsb_f5a, modified them for use with Tim's F5A, no more fluttering elevator.

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    I've had the same elevator problem in the past with other types of planes (C-130 and Grumman Albatross) but disabling the force feed back stopped it. I do hope someone can help you out.

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