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Thread: Long time flight-simmer, first REAL flight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnpaul View Post
    The fun flights here are normally $189. My wife got mine on a coupon site for $100!

    The introductory flight lesson is $250. That's my next step!
    Wow, have things changed! When i wanted to learn to fly, solo flight was $99, they had a Private Pilot Package up to 40hrs $749. I did the $99 and then i decided to pay dual instruction time by the hour as I didn't have $749 to fork out in one shot! So I flew when i had the money to pay for either solo flight or dual instruction. Back then you could rent a C150 for $9/hr wet and I think the dual rate with the 150 was about $17/hr!

    Anyway, I am so happy for you that you had the opportunity to do that! Nice wife you have to give you that kind of gift! Yes, that would be an exciting day if you have never done it! Please keep us posted if you continue on with the instructions and maybe getting your PPL?

    I have my PPL, but i am not using it. I've had some health issues, which probably wouldn't prevent me from starting again. The amount of money they get now for rentals (mainly do to maintenance costs and the high price of fuel), i could ill-afford the price of getting back into flying, especially being on retirement income! I did have friend that ran a parachute jump center, had a Cessna 170B model, and I flew for him, got plenty of hours doing that, no cost to me, and even got free jump instructions and free jumps anytime i chose! Nice while it lasted, but these jumpers have to mercy on the pilot. You fly from Saturday morning until late Sunday evening, and it will definitely whip you!

    Anyway, very good to hear! Congratulations on the first flight. I bet the instructor was surprised how well you did!

    Happy flying! - Rick

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    Quote Originally Posted by lnuss View Post
    Leading Edge Flight Training and The Flying School are the two flight schools that show on a google search for KFNL. Leading Edge has an intro flight for $94.95, and they both rent aircraft in the $130-$200+ range per hour wet, plus instructor (didn't see their rates).
    Thanks. I'll check them out.

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