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Thread: Setting Gmax for flight Sim

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    Default Setting Gmax for flight Sim

    Hi I'm looking for a comprehensive step by step checklist so I follow along which will help me installed and setup Gmax for FS9 (and FSX too) much love in advance. HELP ME PLEASE

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    Hi Ace.
    The best way to find what works for you is to do a search for GMax tutorial, here on the Inet. simviation, avsim etc.
    I compiled some info about 10 years ago from many sources when I built an 182RG, and some of that information may not apply but if you can read .doc files it may help you.
    I am unable to upload the .zip file here, too large, 1.4MB?
    You can find a lot of detailed info, I recall Magos tutorial being a good starting point.

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    Here's a guide to installing the FSX SDK & Gmax,

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    For FS9 there is an install exe program in the SDK. Run that after installing GMAX first (run it one time first). At the end the FS2004 folder supplied in the SDK should reside in the Gmax/Gamepacks folder. Then take the supplied shortcut (named FS2004) and place it on your desktop. I renamed mine GMAX FS2004. Then use that shortcut when you want to use GMAX in FS2004 mode. Use the shortcut supplied by the FSX SDK (which I renamed GMAX FSX) to use the FSX mode instead.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    ok so install Gamx in these is it right.

    1. Gmax
    2.Gmax Gamepack SDK
    3.BGL Comp SDK
    4.MakeMDL SDK Update
    5.Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 - skipped cause I'm using WIN10. is that right
    6.Aircraft Container SDK

    is this right.

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