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Thread: Flightgear impressions

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    you have quite a varied repertoire in flight simulation.
    Actually even outside flight. There's a whole collection of motorcycles and a few racetracks in the scenery where people do race competitions occasionally. Someone has build a Viking ship that sails plausibly with the winds. There's a couple of Star Treck atmosphere vehicles somewhere to be found. And there's a few scenarios for ground walking adventures.

    I've not tried many of them - but generally this is what you get in OpenSource - people just do their crazy ideas...

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    Just added to the repository: some of the weird rainbowy scattering on ice on the Cirrus clouds:

    (Light scattering on ice is a rather rich topic, there's so many possibilities dependent on what types of ice crystals form... FG supports a few of them - the 22 deg ring, sundogs, the light pillar and the parhelic ring)

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    Today's task - make the Beerenberg volcano on Jan Mayen island active.

    Actually, it'll do anything up to this

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    Finally I realized how the ubiquitous velcro strips in the Shuttle need to be rendered to look 'furry'.

    Here's another impression of my favourite spacecraft during the night portion of the orbit with the console lights on

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    Some testing prior to the next Shuttle milestone release:

    Beautiful early morning light over the Provence - the Shuttle landing at LeTube airbase (grass is still wet from dew...)

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    Some proximity OPS testing before the release of the next version of my favourite spacecraft:

    Shuttle meets ISS - a relatively fast dusk flyaround maneuver. Orbital DAP to free (free drift, no automatic attitude management), establish a constant pitch rotation of 0.4 deg/s, use translational controls to keep ISS centered in COAS view recticle, use radar ranging to manage the distance and conpensate for centrifugal force, and we're slowly going around the station.

    Actually it's a fairly busy maneuver at that speed... if there's enough time, it's done using the apparent rotation of the inertial frame with the local horizon, which is more like 0.06 deg/s.

    Look at those clouds!

    The station seen through the COAS recticle.

    Last sunlight seen through the overhead windows.

    And, as we rotate around, the lights of Paris above - or below, dependent on how your coordinate system is arranged

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