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    My friend is currently in my local hospital, and as I was walking up the main road to the building, I passed the helipad. I thought, 'ooh, I'll try landing on that later in FSX.'
    Well I took off in the Dodosim 206 from my nearest airfield and flew to the hospital. It was all there on the VFR scenery. I landed successfully, but thought, wouldn't it be nice to actually see the hospital on the ground? Also, the helipad would need to be added for sharpness.
    Is it difficult to do this? What program(s) do I need? I would of course share the final files once completed.
    I'm a complete newbie to all of this but I'm eager to learn!

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    Hi Steve, unfortunately it is not such a simple task, for this moment you would need 3 basic programs for creating scenery.
    One for modeling, if you want to create some object (sketchup, blender or Gmax) are the most popular for creating objects.
    then the second program to convert your models into a readable format by FSX, in the ModelconverterX case.
    And thirdly a program to create the backgroud of your project (asphalts, RWY, helipad, buildings ...) I recommend the ADE Airport designs editor for the task.

    That's just the basic programs, for example today I use between 5 to 8 different programs to make a great project from an airport.

    The easiest way with your level of experience is to use the original object library of the ADE and compile your project.
    Or add an object in MDL format through the model list of ADE, and compile.
    I created these 3d models usable in FSX if you want to use it will be a pleasure.
    has a hospital and helipad types.

    ADE link

    Good luck.

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