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Thread: Adding your own buildings etc...

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    Default Adding your own buildings etc...

    My friend is currently in my local hospital, and as I was walking up the main road to the building, I passed the helipad. I thought, 'ooh, I'll try landing on that later in FSX.'
    Well I took off in the Dodosim 206 from my nearest airfield and flew to the hospital. It was all there on the VFR scenery. I landed successfully, but thought, wouldn't it be nice to actually see the hospital on the ground? Also, the helipad would need to be added for sharpness.
    Is it difficult to do this? What program(s) do I need? I would of course share the final files once completed.
    I've added a couple of images. You can see the helipad below.;-)
    Any thoughts?
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    If i were doing it i would use Gmax to create and texture the 3d model although other modelling programs would work as long as they could convert the model to the correct file type for FSX. Check out the developers forum to get going if you've never done any modelling before.


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    Thanks Stinger, I'll check the developer's forum. :-)

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    You may be interested in this post and the forum here:

    Here's a PDF about the subject:

    I am not a modeler. I find the subject too hard to understand. I may one day take it up and try to learn. I have many aircraft I'd like to create. The first being a more realistic Blank Manta black project aircraft.

    Hope your friend has a speedy recovery. Hospitals are no fun, especially the food. And especially if your on a strict diet at the hospital. My mom had quadrupole bypass surgery and that was no fun and she couldn't eat all of the hospital food we got to eat in the cafeteria.
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