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Thread: Best Payware Cessna 152?

  1. Default Best Payware Cessna 152?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best Cessna 152 payware. For better I mean great sounds and Realistic Flying Dynamics. I know Carenado and Just Flight but I do not know which one is the best for realism. There are others?
    Thanks for the answers.

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    I have the Carenado C152 for FS9 and FSX, and I personally think for what they cost
    they are great value, I have flown many real world hours in C150's and C152's and
    whilst I know that you can't truly replicate real world flying in a desktop sim, for me
    they look great, sound ok and fly reasonably well. You can download the paintkit free
    from the Carenado website and repaint them to your hearts content

    I have the awsome ORBX scenery for a few GA airfields (EGHA, EGHP, EGTH and a
    few others) and love buzzing around in the circuit and practising touch and go's, and
    for that I think Carenado GA are great choice.

    I dont have the Just Flight 152, so can't comment, but for me, Carenado GA are just
    fine and whilst I know there are many detractors of Carenado aircraft out there, I
    guess it's just down to personal choice, they work for me, and thats whats important.


    Richard C

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