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Thread: Anyone got this DC-10 to work?

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    Default Anyone got this DC-10 to work?

    As with the guy at the bottom of the page, I also cant get it to work at all. Doesn't show up in sim. Can't figure out why.
    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    I got it. lol lol lol. Kinda messed up the install. Anyway...nice bird. Maybe like the panel but prefer the HJG DC-10.

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    You may want to go back to the HJG DC-10 as it has now been given an overhaul and has a much more comprehensive panel:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcarty View Post
    You may want to go back to the HJG DC-10 as it has now been given an overhaul...

    Once I get my pc put back together - long story - I’ll be downloading it.

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    The original posting of this thread relates to a "non-HJG" release of the DC-10 on another website

    HJG first launched the DC-10´s back in late 2014 .... and we´ve updated ánd progressively improved these simulations twice since.

    Our most recently released updates of these DC-10 simulations (on August 17th 2018) represent "very comprehensive impovements" which literally transform these simulations into something like they never were previously. You can read all about this "HERE" ....

    And .... weve álso today (September 12th 2018) released updates for our DC-10-10, DC-10-10CF, DC-10-15, and DC-10-40 (NWO/NWA version only) Aircraft Base Packs .... to correct some "very minor" Model related display issues which became evident post release (PLEASE NOTE; none of these minor issues affected the performance or functionality of any of out new August released DC-10 simulations in any way shape or form) .... and we´ve also today released an updated Gauges/Core Files package for our new DC-10 Panels too. You can read all about this "HERE" ....

    Mark C

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    Yes, I have used HJG for plenty of downloads and can give them a solid "thumbs up" on their products they afford to us as users! If anyone is having problems, make sure you follow the instructions closely and make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's! You will find that any problems you might be having, you have obviously overlooked something in the way you downloaded your product!

    Thanks Mark, and you guys "keep up the good work" you provide us with your products and service!


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    Installed and running fine. Wow, what a great freeware add-on. Well done guys. Very impressive.

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    Also would love to have the CIVA INS unit to install in it. The HJG is...ok but really only 'light' version. I'd much prefer the CIVA. But I'm concerned the A/P is locked into the HJG INS.

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    The CIVA INS .... "so far a I´m aware" .... won´t be compatible with the AP engineeering in our DC-10 panels, so, trying to merge it might/would probably result in problems.

    Most find the HJG INS quite adequate for their navigation purposes though.

    I don´t know whether or not George proposes to further edit the HJG INS in the future .... but .... we note, and appreciate, your feedback anyway.

    Mark C
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    I love the HJG aircraft. Their DC9-30 and B727-100/200 are all I fly anymore in FS9. I am really looking forward to their B737-200 release though.

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