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Thread: Where to download fsx?

  1. Default Where to download fsx?

    Hi super new to flight sim. Would like to ask where to download fsx? So many search results, I'm confused. Thanks in advance.

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    The Steam Edition of FSX is Right HERE.
    That's probably the least expensive version you'll find these days. The Boxed Version, on disks, is getting pretty hard to find, and expensive when you do.

    Also, FSX:SE (FSX Steam Edition) frequently goes on sale. Can wind up being $10.00 or less. Heck, when I bought it to see what was so good about FSX, the day it came out, it was only $5.00.

    Anyway, probably your best bet for getting FSX.

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    I bought mine on eBay and it wasn't that expensive. If you go that route make sure the product key is valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    I bought mine on eBay and it wasn't that expensive. If you go that route make sure the product key is valid.
    Yes, as CRJ stated, make sure you are getting the product key. Another thing get a minimum of FSX Deluxe as I believe you get a few more default aircraft than just the standard FSX! I would definitely be looking for very good to excellent condition on the disks!

    I, too, purchased mine used on Ebay and have no regrets!

    Good luck - Rick

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    Thanks for the help guys. Really appreciate it.

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