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Thread: Clouds/Prop visual interference

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    Default Clouds/Prop visual interference

    This is the FSX default Cessna 182. I noticed that clouds drawn either near or far away, in this instance, blocked the propeller from my sight.
    I took my Carenado Cessna Stationair up and ran this same pattern--no visual problems.
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    Hi, hate to be a fly in the ointment....but there doesn't seem to be a default C-182 in FSX. Could that be a C-182 Skylane from FS2004? I have noticed that problem when using some FS2004 aircraft in FSX.
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    Hey, zip! Thanks for your response! You're right, the Skylane didn't make it from FS2004 to the FSX line-up.
    I now seem to remember reading that some FS2004 aircraft will fly in FSX, although there might be some anomalies.
    I must've loaded the C-182 after reading that--it's been a short time ago, and I think this is the first occasion I've taken it up.

    Well, your kindness is appreciated.

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    If it is indeed a FS2004 A/C then I can tell you props in FSX with FS2004 A/C are funky. I suppose it's all about the MDL model or something.

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    Thanks, CRJ_simpilot,
    Yes it appears so.

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    Hi. I have models I've experimented with in both FS2004 and FSX. It's a bug in how FSX interprets a model compiled for FS2004. If you take the exact same model and recompile it for FSX the problem disappears. I've had it happen with props made with DXT3 or DXT5 files. Maybe a prop made with a different file type would work better. I've never tried the experiment.

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    How did you recompile the MDL?

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