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Thread: FSX not shimmering on window mode but shimmers on non-window mode (PC specs ok)

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    Default FSX not shimmering on window mode but shimmers on non-window mode (PC specs ok)

    I've been away from flight simming. Any hints or tips?

    My setup:

    Software -
    Windows 10 (latest as of June 2018) on SSD drive, FSX Gold, the issue shows up when on A2A planes or Realair's Lancair Legacy v2, zoom = .70 or .80, Nvidia driver 388.13, Invidia Inspector settings of NickN applied (eg. anti-aliasing setting= 8xSQ and Anisotropic Flitering=16x), fps limited to 30, FSX settings about medium to high, and no anti-virus.

    Hardware -
    Intel 2500k running at 4.3 GHz, EVGA card GTX 780 (with 3GB of GDDR5 memory and CUDA score is 2304), fast 16 RAM, and 27 inch G-Sync capable Dell 2716DG (running at native resolution 2560x1440 at 144.Hz on Displayport). FSX is installed in a separate SSD drive.

    Why does it not shimmer on windowed mode but shimmers on non-windowed mode? I thought it is supposed to run better in non-window mode or full screen resolution?

    Thank you.

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    Much lower load on pc in windowed mode.

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    Thanks. Knowing what you know about my setup, what would be your suggestion?

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    To close this communication loop....and the solution to the shimmering issue is....?

    Yep ..........Prepar3d v4. Now, it does not shimmer in full non-window mode too.

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    Wait a couple of days until P3D v. 4.3 is out, that way you don't have to deal with the update.


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