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Thread: Sim, Saitek Panels, Yoke, cessna trim wheel, much more

  1. Default Sim, Saitek Panels, Yoke, cessna trim wheel, much more

    I just bought and built this sim and just don't have any time. Looking to get rid as a whole or part it out. I can send better pics on request. I have all original boxes with everything.

    PC: Powerspec G351 bought new 2 months ago. Intel Core I7-8700K 3.7ghz turbo to 4.7ghz. Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070TI. Comes loaded with Xplane 11. This runs xplane 11 flawlessly. $1250.00

    Acer 27" LED Monitors (3): $325 for all 3

    Saitek Yoke, rudder pedals, and throttle quadrant: $275.00

    Saitek Multi Panel: $90.00
    Saitek Radio Panel: $90.00
    Saitek Switch Panel: $75.00
    Saitek Instrument Panels (3): $300.00 for all 3
    Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel: $ $250.00

    Flight Velocity Cockpit Panel: $165.00

    I have well over $4k in the last couple months. Will sell complete for $2,500 with purchaser paying shipping. Located in Virginia. Email me and I can send pics of it all. [email protected] or call 803-431-0705

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