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Thread: Meigs Field revisited

  1. Default Meigs Field revisited

    REXSF 3D
    JF C152

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    One more.

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    Very Nice Adam...Been a while
    Feel free to visit my Screenshot Page link Below... Intel i7 2600 16GB RAM 4GB Nvidia GTX970....... Sim Platform FS2004-FSX Aunque tengo ambos FSX......FS2004 siempre será el número uno para mi. Espero que disfruten las capturas de pantalla

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    Looking great, Adam! Don't think I've ever done a Meigs landing just as the sun is setting. Might give it a go!
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    Ah! Meiggs. The one where most flightsim pilots flew They just closed it after the 9/11 because it was too close to downtown
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    Breathtaking pictures Adam, perfect!

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    STUNNING pics Adam!
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    I've never seen Meigs so beautifully displayed Adam. The 152 looks great also.

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    As usual Adam, your pics are amazing, I am jealous of how they look. I love the sunset or sunrise in both pics. Has anyone ever seen the video about a B727 that landed there in real life? That pilot had you know what. He made a by pass that flew over runway pretty close as it circled around to make a long final, he touched down on the numbers, stopped in time to exit the last taxi way. I located it, if you google B727 Meig field you will here the test pilot talk about it as well it showed the fly by and land, it looks like a hairy landing enjoy this bit of history gone away. Kenny

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    Adam as usual yo show us how these screen shots should be done!!

    Kenny that's a great story! I bet the feds were less than thrilled!!


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