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    a new virtual Airline has started in Austria. We fly with A320 and Dash 8-400. We offer Routes to many Destinationen in Eastern Europe like Prag, Sofia, Zageb, Krakau, Warschau, Budapest, Sofia and so on. Our network will grow up in next time special to Spain, Italy, Turkey and Western Europe. For our Expansion there are such new aircraft ordered. We use Vam virtual Airline Management and smartCARS. Our Website is in german as we think the most potential Pilots will use them. You can await events, tours, special charter destinationen and a aktiv staff in a very friendly company.

    Would be great if you will come on board and if you will be with our Team as pilot.

    Look at our sie for more informations.

    Best regards

    KISS Euro Connect VA
    the smiley Service Airline

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    from now on we have also english Text version on our Website online for all which are not able to read german.

    Best regards

    KISS Euro Connect VA
    the simley Service Airline

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    Congratulations. The website looks great. I'm checking it now and thinking of registering there to get more insight))
    jetwriters editor-in-chief

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