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Unified Freight Services

Unified Freight Services is opening its doors to new members. We are a new community with a new idea for the simulation world. We have combined the logistics world of trucking simulators, railroad simulators and flight simulators into one. We have created a system that will allow members to feel a greater good for deliveries knowing you are passing that cargo onto the next person and the next transport method.

Our administrative team is not hidden behind curtains or hard to find. We are always found on teamspeak with the other online members. Communities that do not play and share in the experiences with members regularly are loosing out on the most important aspect of a community... YOU!

On behalf of the UFS team I would like to extend a warm welcome for you to stop in and visit and get a feel for the group. Many of our members play more than just the logistic transport games involved in UFS. Stop in and have some fun!


UFS President
Michael Williams