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Thread: Default DC-3 for FS9

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    Default Default DC-3 for FS9

    Where can I down-load a default DC-3 for FS2004?

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    Does it even come with a default DC-3?
    If it does, it should, should I say, have loaded it off the install disks. Otherwise you's have to download and install a 3rd party aircraft.
    "Default" indicates something that comes with the sim off the install disks. "3rd party" indicates that someone other than Microsoft made it FOR the sim.

    Having said all that, you can find a very good DC-3 in the Flightsim library right HERE.
    That's one of Manfred Jahn's excellent DC-3 offerings. He's got an rep for excellent DC-3s, and well deserved too.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockrob View Post
    Where can I down-load a default DC-3 for FS2004?
    Rob - FS2004 came with a default DC-3, are you sure you don't have it or did you delete it somewhere along the line?


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    Yeah Rick, I think I somehow deleted it...quite by accident .....and have never been able to re-install it. It seems as though all textures I come across on FltSim are all for the "default DC-3". The same with the CalClassic DC-3's.

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    It's on the CD.

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    As MrUnSavory said, the files are on the original discs.

    The DC-3 aircraft is on disc 1 in the MSGAME1.CAB file in the aircraft folder. Should just need the aircraft files from this CAB file.

    But, If you need any gauges they are on disc 2 in MSGAME3.CAB file in the gauges folder.

    And If you need any effects, they are on Disc 1 MSGAME1.CAB file in the effects folder.

    Should be able to use your favorite zip program to extract.

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    Thanks everyone. Really appreciate all the help.

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