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Thread: Is it just me, or, do other users see what goes on?

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    Default Is it just me, or, do other users see what goes on?

    This may not be the time or the place to say this, but I have to shake my head in disbelief at times, to see people reaching out to this and other sites, often sounding very desperate for help, members on here respond to their pleas only to have all the conversations stop as if they had never started? Some companies have preprogrammed message for callers, "don't call unless your are near your phone and/or computer. When you are close to your computer, please call and someone will be able to assist you!" Maybe the sim sites need to do this! I spoke to a member on one of the other sites I participate in, he submitted a post 3 or 4 days ago, still waiting for an answer, and then I see the ones that have their posts answered, but aren't around long enough to complete the process! I know MR Z sees this, and probably feels like I do, but he moves on and continues to help others! People like dogdish, il88p, mallcott and other knowledgeable people wanting to help and thank goodness for that, takes a load off Mr Z for sure! Sorry, I guess this is just my day for spouting off!

    Me, I am happy, at least as far as Flight simming goes, computer issues have finally settled down with little/no issues, so "Life is Good!"
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    Yeah, probably not the right forum, but hey....who's to say?? Are you referring to the desperate pleas for help, then the OP goes and hides under his bed for 6 months before responding back, or never at all?

    Happens all of the time and not just here!
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    Yep! You're with me, Mr Z!

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    I guess real world stuff sometimes comes up and people don't return to their hobbies.

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    Also with all these commercial truck driving ads on Flightsim, some people are out on the road for 3 weeks at a time.
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    For me personally it's the opposite. Rarely do I request for help since I can solve most of my problems myself. But when I do ask for help here or at avsim I often don't even get a response and if I do it's often not helpful. Yet I follow up with my inquiry all the time. I think it's largely due to the fact my particular questions are hard to answer and no one knows the answer.

    But I digress. I asked here about an Aurora aircraft and not one response. I even bumped the topic. I'm thinking about paying someone to develop it. I wouldn't mind being able to fly at mach 6.

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    Or maybe they died.

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    Or they solved their problem at the other site's forum. Like the major texture issue on here; it was 'cos he had the visibility set to unlimited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Wensley View Post
    Like the major texture issue on here; it was 'cos he had the visibility set to unlimited.
    That's my thread, wasn't resolved because even with unlimited visibility this shouldn't occur. Setting limited visibility hides the problem so it's a good patch for now. In regards to this topic, I may let that thread die without a further response from myself if no one else responds. As with CRJ_simpilot, I can pretty much resolve anything myself. The issues I cannot resolve are often difficult for other people to resolve as well.
    The texture issue thread I don't have high hopes of a fix but worth posting as someone may have had the identical issue and know a solution. This is however unlikely so in this case I can't expect a quick response. It's best to just let the thread sit and hope someone eventually may see it and know an answer. If I let it sit, the thread drops way down the forum list. I could bump it up with a thanks or quick response. Is it worth bumping up a thread which really has no answer and making it "active" more or less again? I don't think it is, best to just let it drop off the main forum page and leave the top of the forum for active and worthwhile topics.

    There are reasons why people don't respond. Sometimes they should, sometimes they can't or sometimes may be a reason like mine. The cases that irritate me are the one post wonders on any forum. I'm happy to help anyone out but I've learned to avoid posters who have a problem and it's their first post. Till I see at least a second post I don't respond unless I think my response may aid other forum members.
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    To keep it generic, many "Please help me!" posts tend to fall into two categories:

    "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 12,500. Who can guess what it is?"
    "I just installed X after I downloaded it (from a dodgy web site or a torrent that you won't hear about until the OP's last post)) and it doesn't work."

    To be fair, I like to help out. However, I'm not a mind reader or a Dentist. I want to help, not play a game of 64 questions. To solve most problems, you'll have to provide some context unless you're comfortable having me look over your shoulder.

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