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Thread: Getting back to the hobby

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    I've been returning to my hobby after many years because I quit my job. Thanks for the advice, I think they are still relevant

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    Cool Great advice and help

    Thanks all for the wisdom, equates to many hours of "tears before bedtime" saved! CRJ simpilot, great info, from what you said about what you're in to re pc stuff, I will rely on your opinions. Re opinions, it's the old story, ask 3 guys and you'll get 5 opinions! And, reality is there's such a diverse user community including sim products, one really needs to find some buddies with the same setups etc. Me, FS2002 on WinXP, all "out of the box" cos I don't have time nor interest to fiddle nor time to sim, works fine, $0 0 effort.

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    Addendum. A great thing about is its history, I enjoy reading the old posts, much still relevant especially if running older stuff (a bit like our cars, not everyone has a new 2021 model, so if we need a part we either buy aftermarket new or go to the "wreckers" (Aussie term) i.e. recyclers and get it cheap. The older postings can be very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAD1 View Post
    Addendum. A great thing about is its history...
    Be curious to know how big this website database is here. Gotta be well north of 5 to 10 GB at least and I could be way off, I don't know.

    Forums like this and many others are comprised of two parts: the website part with the PHP, HTML, CSS and JS code, and the other part where your text and other things are stored in a database. So when you hit the post button your text is stored in a database.

    My website is so small that I place its encrypted backup in no more than six locations including on DVD/RW and a Blu-ray re-writable disk. Though, my current blu-ray burner in the computer is capable of writing to 50 GB blu-ray disks so if by some unbelievable miracle my database grows I still have the nice bit integrity of Blu-ray. They also make 100 GB blu-ray disks, but my burner can't burn 100 GB disks. Only 50 GB disks. I'm thinking about adding another Blu-ray burner which is capable of burning 100 GB disks though. I can also deploy a backup of my website in about 20 minutes. I've already migrated from three hosts already. LOL And when I did it was like nothing hardly changed. The migration came first then the updated DNS records which made the shift.

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