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Thread: My first landing in fsx ever

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    Default My first landing in fsx ever

    Skip to 3:00 into the video how did i do 🙄

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    No criticism intended but you better learn the keyboard keys for the throttle, flaps, spoiler armed and Sim Rate. In the Sim Rate once you are cleared to land it should go to normal to the bitter end. The mouse is too slow for Control, I think.

    Nevertheless, Congratulations!


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    Good work there Koshal. Waaay better than my first landing with a jet!


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    I actually can't even remember my first landing. I just know I started out with the Lear 45 out of Seattle and never looked back. Took me a while of self-teaching to learn how to use ILS. Once I grasped that flying was just awesome sauce sine I had a hell of a time landing in fog. Now I know how to use the ILS. I figure I have at least 2,000 hours under my belt thus far. I started out in FS2004 back in circa 2006.

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    Your landing wasn't bad. Stayed on the center line. But you need to learn how to flare the plane, use a flap schedule and arm the spoilers prior to touch down. Small steps grasshopper.

    Edit- Ah, looking at it again you indeed did have the spoiler armed. No flaps though. HAHA

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    Koshal - I think you did a great job, way to go! I agree with Mabe in his post above, learn the keyboard keys and get away from that mouse. Also, start printing out checklists for each of the aircraft you use, especially the larger jetliners and USE them! Here is a good link for finding checklists for some of the FS default aircraft!

    Keep up the good work! Practice practice practice! Notice I didn't say "perfect?"

    Happy flying! - Rick

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    thanks for all the support and help next time i will try to flare and put my flaps down more and thanks for those checklists too

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    To echo what everyone else has said, that's one hell of a nice job for your 2nd landing!! I wasn't even brave enough to try a tube-liner till much later than that.

    Having said that, I also agree at least learn the keys and key combination on the keyboard!! That will make life a lot easier!!

    Next step along after that is to start buying some controls such as yoke, throttles, rudder pedals, etc. It's a whole different world flying with a yoke or joy stick with rudders rather than keyboard and mouse!!

    Finally, welcome aboard!! There are few questions you can't find answers to right here. And also check out the freeware in the forum library as well.


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    I'm going to stick my neck out slightly further than Rupert and say definitely get yourself a joystick. It makes the flying experience so much more enjoyable and realistic. Remember the joy stick will come with a throttle access, and all buttons are customizable so you can set it up for your personal preference. Just my 2 cents worth and you are obviously free to do as you wish.
    That was a good landing, i remember crashing it several times before i managed a successful landing.

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    Recommended joystick/throttle combo: Thrustmaster HOTAS. About $50.


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