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Thread: What does the "N1" button do on the A/P (Zibo Mod 737)

  1. Default What does the "N1" button do on the A/P (Zibo Mod 737)


    I've seen the "N1" button on the autopilot in FSX for years, so it may not be platform, or even model specific.

    I was wondering, if anyone knew what it did, or why it is used? (I have no idea...)

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    I use the N1 button/knob all of the time for takeoff in my 737 in FSX. It's similar to setting a speed in knots except it's the turbine speed of the N1 portion of the engine.

    I normally set the N1 to about 48% when at the hold point before entering the runway. When given clearance for takeoff, I engage the N1 button for the autothrottle and move onto the runway. Then when pointing straight down the runway, I increase the N1 knob to 92% for takeoff. After wheels up I switch the autothrottle over to KIAS, usually set to 250 knots.
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    Thanks for the information.

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