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Thread: Carenado PA28 Dakota

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    Quote Originally Posted by HPR7 mad! View Post
    Hi bushp04,

    Thanks for the reply, I think thats the best solution, like you I find the gauges difficult
    to see, even on my larger monitor, but I love the Carenado GA aircraft, I have flown a
    fair few in the real world, and they bring back a lot of memories of my time in NJ and
    NY in the mid 80s , home airport N07, great days in a great country with great people.

    Favorite Piper single is easy, PA24 Commanche, favorite Cessna, P210 Centurion, now
    thats what I call piston singles

    happy landings
    You will want to focus on Carenado aircraft that are specifically for FSX - after all this time if it's not compatible with FSX and patched appropriately the chances of it being so are remote.

    e.g. You can get a PA24 Comanche from A2A and IIRC Carenado updated their P210 to full FSX compliance.

    The very best Dakota for FSX was from DreamFleet.

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    Hi malcott

    Thanks for that, I have the Comanche and P210, but will have a look at the Dreamfleet
    FSx Dakota,


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